Tim Turi is a former Associate Editor at Game Informer. Tim, along with Dan Ryckert and Andrew Reiner, was one of the founders of Replay. Tim was known for making puns and praising (or actually singing) music from different video games (usually Sonic) during Replays/Super Replays. During the Super Replays of Resident Evil 2 , Overblood , Mega Man Legends , Galerians , OverBlood 2, Cyberia , Cyberia 2 , Illbleed , Raw Danger , Michigan: Report from Hell , Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition , and Martian Gothic: Unification  ,  he was "on the sticks" while the other guests provided commentary. Tim was the most called upon stick player, mainly because he had a more patience than other editors. Tim was also the co-host of The Game Informer Show, along with Ben Hanson , after the departure of former host Matt Helgeson .

Tim was known for his skill in games, particularly with Capcom games such as Mega Man. He also was berated and ridiculed for his expansive knowledge of the Sonic the Hedgehog series by other staff members, as he was the only one who even noticed the character's redesign with Sonic Adventure. Tim is also a fan of heavy metal music, as evidenced by his discussion of Pantera during an episode of the Game Informer Show and his wearing a Kalmah shirt during an episode of Super Replay.

Tim left Game Informer on February 19, 2016 to take a new position in San Francisco. His last appearance on Replay was the Sega 32X Spectacular, featuring Knuckles' Chaotix, Star Wars Arcade, Kolibri, Tempo, Cosmic Carnage, and Spider-Man: Web of Fire. His last appearance on Super Replay was the final episode of Martian Gothic: Unification. 

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Tim dancing to music from Dead or Alive: Paradise.

  • Tim is a huge Sonic fan.
  • Tim is also a Mega Man fan.
  • Tim is apparently a huge fan of video game music and can hum or sing most Sonic tunes after hearing the name.
  • Is well versed in the "Suvival Horror" genre of video games, and therefore plays most of them chosen for Replay and Super Replay. In his Guiness attempt for Survival Horror, he did a knife-only run of RE1.
  • Participated in both of the guiness world record attempts. In the Super Smash Bros. Brawl attempt, he and Jeff Cork both wanted to continue past the 30 hour mark, but stopped as a group. During the second attempt, he achieved the longest marathon on a Resident Evil game, playing for 27 hours. He barely beat the record the second time, backing out before any other member.
  • Stated on the Yoshi's Island Super Replay that he dislikes Kyle Hilliard. However, he was joking.
  • Tail of the Sun is the only Super Replay he hasn't starred on.
  • Tim designed his very own Sonic character once.
  • Tim is one of 8 editors participating in the Super Replay Showdown. The game that he is campaigning for is Crash Bandicoot because, as he reveals, he has never played and beated the game, despite his Naughty Dog love. Tim defeated Kyle in the first round of the showdown, and faced off against Ben Reeves on March 24th. However, he crashed out in this round, losing 3-1 to Ben in a 'first to three' tournement of the PC game Sumotori, much to Tim's disgust.
  • Tim had a childhood crush on Lola Bunny, from Space Jam.
  • Tim is a self-professed "gore hound."
  • Tim played Ride to Hell: Retribution in its entirety during an all night live stream.