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The Game Infomer Show is a weekly podcast produced by Game Informer in which its host, Ben Hanson, discusses various videogame-related topics with assorted Game Informer editors. The show usually consists of three segments. Typically the first segment revolves around recently released or upcoming games, the second segment is listener emails, and the third segment is an interview with a developer, or another special feature. Occasionally an entire episode is dedicated to discussing a single topic or game, called a "Special Edition Podcast". The first episode was posted on September 29, 2009. The podcast was originally hosted by Matt Helgeson, before being rebooted on April 24, 2015 with current host Ben Hanson and cohost Tim Turi. The rebooted version also includes a video edition of the podcast. In February 2016, Tim Turi left Game Informer, leaving Ben Hanson as the sole host.

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