Episode 12: Mr. Crazy Legs is the 12th episode of the OverBlood 2 Super Replay, which aired on January 27, 2012. This episode features Tim Turi (on controls), Andrew Reiner, Dan Ryckert, and guest Jim Reilly.

Although Ben Hanson is not officially credited as a cast member, he has a microphone for this episode (as well as the rest of this Super Replay) and offers commentary and conversation along with the rest of the crew.


In this episode, the crew buys the Bat-Maniac suit on the assumption it will parachute them to Tornado Island, after the Instant Plate failed. It fails, and they backtrack to the town hub to search for another lead, which ends up being the Para-Suit. The crew seemed unable to recognize that the Bat-Maniac suit was for Navarro, as the icon is the same as his normal suit just a different color.

Mr. Crazy LegsEdit

"Burgars in the mornin', Burgars in the evenin', Burgars at suppertime. When Jim wants a f***in' burgar he's gonna eat burgars all the time. Eat burgars all the time, right now! Jim will eat all the burgars, if you don't eat the burgars, he will! F**k it! He likes burgars! These burgars are from outer space! Pee-ow!" -The Burgar Song, improvised by Tim Turi

Credit CookiesEdit

There are several credit cookies in this episode.

  • First, some brief banter after the video ends.
  • Second, they discuss the quality of the music. Tim Turi performs a spirited rendition.
  • Third, a clip of earlier in the episode of Tim Turi performing his epic Jim's Burgar's Song.
  • Fourth, a clip of Tim Turi saying, "I promise I'll like it. I promise I'll like it!"
  • Fifth, Dan recounting an unorthodox, painful sterilization of a wound. Then, Andrew Reiner recounting a date that ended with an embarassing stake wound to the leg via a merry-go-round.