Episode 1: Heat It Up is the debut episode of the OverBlood 2 Super Replay. It aired on December 31, 2011, the one-year anniversary of the first OverBlood Super Replay. This episode features Tim Turi (on controls), Andrew Reiner, Dan Ryckert, and guest Matt Helgeson (who was on the Revolution X Replay which featured the OverBlood Roulette as well as the first episode of the OverBlood Super Replay.

Although Ben Hanson is not officially credited as a cast member, he has a microphone for this episode (as well as the rest of this Super Replay) and offers commentary and conversation along with the rest of the crew.

This episode features the introductory cutscene of the game, which features many Engrish phrases overlapping with CG and gameplay. The OverBlood 2 Super Replay is tagged as "i felt a guy" in reference to one of these phrases.