OverBlood 2 is the featured game of the tenth installment of Super Replay. It premiered on December 31, 2011 and ended on February 23, 2012 with episode 20, making it the longest Super Replay (as of August 2012). It continues the 12/31 tradition of playing terrible games established with it's prequel OverBlood. It is the most anticipated Super Replay to date, due to the popularity of the OverBlood Super Replay.

Prior to the airing of the Super Replay, knowledge began to circulate among the OverBlood fanbase and Game Informer staff of a glitch affecting some copies of OverBlood 2 which caused the game to freeze during a certain cutscene, leaving the player unable to progress and therefore unable to complete the game. Game Informer's copy did not include this glitch; however, the crew "faked" the glitch at the end of Episode 5.

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