The Super Replay of OverBlood is nearing its end. The crew this time consists of Dan Ryckert as host, Tim Turi still at the controls, Andrew Reiner, and new guest, Phil Kollar.

In This EpisodeEdit

Phil is the newcomer, and immediately gives Tim a hint of "water" which helps them progress. Raz and Milly continue into the caves, encountering a hover vehicle segment. Tim hums the Star Wars theme, and says "Never tell me the odds!" The crew also discovers that going into first person during combat shows the hands of Raz, whether he be punching or running.

Only one death occurs during this episode, and it was Tim purposefully walking off a ledge to test if he could die. The episode comes to an end in a hallway, with Tim focusing the camera on Milly's face.

Credits CookiesEdit

  • A repeated clip of Raz in the hover vehicle with Daft Punk's "Derezzed" song from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. This comes from a comment made when the scene happened originally, as someone thought that Raz was using turntables in his animation.
  • Dan tells a story about him swallowing one of the stitches in his mouth.