The Super Replay for OverBlood continues with episode 2. Dan Ryckert returns as the host, while Tim Turi continues to play the game. The guest this time is Andrew Reiner, who appeared on the Revolution X Replay, meaning he is among the "OverBlood Originals".

Due to the laughter it caused, the code for this episode was "PIPOOOOOOOO!"

In This EpisodeEdit

Matt Helgeson (the guest of last episode) has informed Tim of the Voice Recorder's location, and Tim hurredly returns to the room where Pipo was first introduced. Resting in the other case (with Tim having to crouch to get it), Tim gets the Voice Recorder and promptly saves. The crew encounters their first enemy of the game, albeit one in a cutscene. Raz is protected by Pipo, then fights the "zombie" himself. Stabbing it with a Laser Knife and leaving it in the "zombie", Raz is more concerned with Pipo. The light in Pipo's eye slowly fades, signifying Pipo's demise. Distraught, Raz proclaims "I'll never forget you," and "This is all my fault". This scene proved hilarious for the crew, and has become the progenitor of Pipo's cult following, becoming something of a martyr.

Dan suggests that the episode end in a cliff-hanger, and the rest agree when they stop right before opening a safe. The item inside isn't revealed until the beginning of Episode 3.