The first episode of the OverBlood Super Replay has Tim Turi at the controls with Dan Ryckert as host and guest Matt Helgeson. These three were on the original Replay of Revolution X where OverBlood first premiered.

In each episode, Dan gives out a code word, to test if people actually watched the whole Super Replay. Because it proved to be funny, the code word was "Weinerless Steve". Matt was the creator of this phrase, as they did not hear Raz's name until later.

In This EpisodeEdit

The main character, Raz Karcy (affectionately dubbed Weinerless Steve by the Replay crew), wakes up in a freezing room needing to turn up the heat so he doesn't die. After thoroughly trumping the first room (which proved so difficult during the Roulette of the Revolution X Replay) in the first eight minutes, they lose 37 minutes of progress by taking an anti gravity device that holds up a statue. Upon removing it, the statue falls and kills Raz, sending the crew back to the beginning of the game. Tim learned to play a little more safely after this, being sure not to take an anti-gravity device from under a floating statue. The puzzle proved so difficult, that Ben Hanson gave Matt the solution as to what to do: push the statue over. They continue the playthrough, thwarting the deadly bust and making a significant amount of progress. The longer than usual episode ends with Tim still unable to find the Voice Recorder.