OverBlood is the featured game of the fourth installment of Super Replay. It premiered on December 31st, 2010 and ended on January 9th, 2011. It featured Dan Ryckert as host, with Tim Turi at the controls. Every episode also featured a third guest, rotating between Matt Helgeson, Andrew Reiner, Jeff Cork, Joe Juba, and Phil Kollar. It created the 12/31 tradition of playing terrible games. The tradition continued the following year with the sequel OverBlood 2.

This particular installment is considered to be one of the most iconic and beloved installments of the Super Replay series, as well as one of great historical significance. According to Andrew Reiner, the original idea for Super Replay was to only play classic, critically-acclaimed games, but this was changed specifically because of how incredibly entertaining Overblood proved to be for all of its shortcomings. In Reiner's detailing the history of Super Replay, Super Replay History & Round-up , posted on July 01 2013, he stated:

"The first episode of Replay aired on January 27, 2010....Game Informer senior associate editor Dan Ryckert pitched me on the idea of playing the entirety of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past...His initial pitch was that Super Replay would be reserved for only the greatest games of all time. Huge names like Zelda, Mario, and Resident Evil wouldn't be given justice with a 30-minute standard episode. While we kept to that idea for several installments, our criteria for Super Replay candidates changed when we discovered Overblood during a Replay Roulette segment. We even threw around ideas to brand it differently, with names like Super Deplay and Super S---play, but instead decided to loosen up the restrictions on what Super Replay meant."

In addition, the Overblood installment of Super Replay inspired a Facebook Group which has since been referenced many times in future Super Replay episodes (even outside of Overblood's installment), and Game Informer made several t-shirts featuring Pipo, a robot who appears in the game, who they now consider to be their unofficial mascot.

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