Replay Roulette (often shortened to Roulette) is a recurring segment on Replay in which the editors play an additional game after the title game.

Originally, the game was picked from the Vault at random, but this approach was quickly abandoned. Replay Roulette debuted with Replay: Bushido Blade and continues to be a frequent final segment to this day, returning to Season 2 with Replay: Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle and to Season 3 with Replay: Tomb Raider II.

Openings Edit

The original opening strangely featured a slot machine with a multitude of games passing by before lining up three of the same game and displaying the title.

A new intro inaugurated in Season 2 of Replay showed a roulette wheel spinning around with the letters "roulette" along the edges before breaking off and arriving at their final resting place next to "Replay".

The intro was updated again in Season 3, after a number of Roulettes, in Replay: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. This intro features a casino roulette spinning and landing on a Mario "?" block, which then animates, lights up, and darkens the background as "replay toulette" fades in gently.