Super Mario 64 is the featured game in the 91st episode of Replay. The Replay Roulette for this episode features Mario Kart 64.

This episode is hosted by Andrew Reiner and features Phil Kollar, Dan Ryckert, and Tim Turi. Dan and Tim play the featured game while all four play the Roulette.

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Despite claims made during the episode, this is not the one hundredth Replay, but the ninety-first. For this to be considered Replay 100, one would need to count all eight Super Replays released prior to this episode, plus the one-off Super Readplay gag. The actual one hundredth episode is Replay: Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics.

Dan's Bowser run was faster than Tim's by 1:42; Tim took 1:58 to reach Bowser plus another 1:27 to defeat him, and Dan took 1:19 (including the death run) to reach him and only 18 seconds to kill him. Note that Bowser is considered defeated as soon as he hits the bomb.

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Super Mario 64:

  • Reiner: "Alright, we're going to wrap this up here. Conclusion: it's still an amazing game, still really fun and Dan Ryckert is [bleep]."

Mario Kart 64:

  • Dan: "This is a framerate."
  • Dan: "I think I just won escaping the stigma of being the guy who sucks at video games. I'll just go ahead and say that and assume that's how that works."
  • Tim: "Phil, you're beautiful."
  • Tim: "Yoshi's just like– he's got it worse than Max Payne and Ethan Mars combined right now. Jesus! Take my kids instead!"
  • Tim: "Ah, ratfink!"
  • Dan: "I'm just saying I get a lot of crap for being the worst guy at video games in this office, and I'm kinda kicking ass here."
  • Dan: "I have the memory of a thing that doesn't have good memory."

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Dan's "This is a framerate" line; Dan's dumb laugh followed by Reiner's imitation of it.

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