Mario Party is the featured game in the 106th episode of Replay. Due to the length of time they spend on the game, this episode has no second segment.

This episode is hosted by Dan Ryckert and features Joe Juba, Matt Helgeson, and Andrew Reiner, all of whom play.

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This "bonus episode", along with Replay: God of War II, aired during the break between Replay's first and second seasons.

Joe had to participate in this Replay due to him losing a bet to the OverBlood Facebook group.

Quotes Edit

Mario Party:

  • Dan: "Hey everyone! I'm Dan Ryckert and I'm the only happy person in this room right now because we're about to play Mario Party."
  • Joe: "[bleep] you, Dan."
  • Matt: "Why wouldn't I be happy? It's deadline, I have a lot of work to do, I'm going to be working late tonight, and I'm going to devote an hour and a half of my day to playing Mario Party."
  • Reiner: "[bleep] you, Dan."
  • Matt: "I'm taking a zen approach to this. I'm just part of the, the universe."
  • Joe: "Congratulations Dan, you're an idiot."
  • Joe: "Dan, you have to understand that the only weapon we have right now is playing this game wrong to spite you."
  • Matt: "I literally try to do nothing and I'm winning. This is amazing."
  • Dan: "He put his [bleep] hand over my eyes! Joe, I'm just going to [bleep] on your desk every day I work here for the rest of my life. I'm going to [bleep] on your keyboard and rub it into your [bleep] keys every day."

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