Grand Theft Auto 2 is the title game of the fifty-fourth episode of Replay. The Replay Roulette is Dracula: The Resurrection.

This episode is hosted by Dan Ryckert and features Tim Turi and Andrew Reiner. Dan plays the featured game while Tim plays the Roulette.

Notes Edit

Dracula: The Resurrection was a Super Replay candidate alongside three other Roulettes: Countdown Vampires (Replay 53), Galerians (Replay 55), and Martian Gothic: Unification (Replay 56). After the Game Informer community voted, Galerians became Super Replay 7.

Quotes Edit

Grand Theft Auto 2:

  • Tim: "Radio jokes, now in 3D!"

Dracula: The Resurrection:

  • Tim: "I was putting coins in Dan's butt."
  • Tim: (to viewers) "Oh, in case you don't know: Ben Reeves is dumb. Now you're up to speed."

Credit cookie Edit

Tim makes turkey sounds (in time with the background music?) while Dan inputs the cheat codes for GTA2; Tim and Dan make noises.

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