DuckTales is the title of the fifth episode of Replay. The Replay Roulette is Yo! Noid. Mad Max is played as a bonus Roulette game.

The episode is hosted by Phil Kollar and features Dan Ryckert, Tim Turi, and Andrew Reiner. Tim plays the featured game, passing the controller to Reiner after one death. After getting stuck, they switch to DuckTales 2 which Tim plays. Dan plays both the Roulette and Bonus Roulette games.


Phil and Dan are both huge fans of DuckTales, playing it extensively as children. Dan was unaware of the sequel.

This is the second episode with a silent Roulette intro. The first being Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi.

The Roulette intro plays for both the regular Roulette and the Mad Max bonus Roulette.

DuckTales is the first NES game to be featured on Replay.



  • Phil: "Next time you're at a pond, throw the ducks some ice cream."
  • Tim: "Donald Duck was actually just a deadbeat father."
  • Reiner: "Is that your finger?! What is that? Is this rated M?"
  • Tim: "Fans of the DuckTales series know that, in that universe, the Duckberg universe, there actually is no god. So to associate Christianity with the Duck Tales, I think would be a gross misstep in continuity of the series."

DuckTales 2

  • Dan: "LaunchPad McQuack. That's the best name in cartoon history."
  • Tim: "Can you see Daisy really, you know, getting it on with Donald? It was, those kids are Launch Pad's."

Yo! Noid

  • Tim: "Did Domino's hire Elmer Fudds with harpoons to hunt down Yo Noid?
  • Dan: "Look how mayor is spelled. With an 'E'."

Mad Max

  • Tim: "Why is damage a hammer? Why is water a tea kettle? Why is food a marshmellow?"
  • Dan: "[This] game's bad."

Credit CookieEdit

The NES console is having trouble starting up, and the crew is fiddling around trying to get it to start. Starts with Dan exclaiming, "That's a screen I'm use to seeing with the NES."

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