Bushido Blade is the title game of the second episode of Replay. This is the debut of the Replay Roulette, which featured NBA Live '96.

This episode is hosted by Dan Ryckert and features Phil Kollar, Jeff Cork, and Andrew Reiner. The crew takes turns playing the featured game, passing the controller on death. Phil and Reiner go head-to-head in the Roulette.

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This is the inaugural episode of Replay Roulette, where the host grabs a random game from The Vault and plays it after the feature game.

The host initially picked the Roulette game by being blindfolded and spun within the vault and choosing a game randomly, but this was soon changed to picking the game with some purpose, either because of it's similarities to the featured game, the host used to love/play the game as a child, or general curiosity about the game.

Several screens of The Vault are shown after the first segment before the Roulette is chosen.

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Bushido Blade

  • Jeff (to Dan): "You really cannot do any worse."
  • Jeff: "I like the A.I. that hits you while you are down."
  • Phil: "Her weakness was her back, there needs to be a glowing, orange dot back there."

NBA Live '96

  • Phil: "I also don't know the rules of basketball, so that's going to severely hinder my performance."
  • Dan: "We have a thrilling four-to-nothing game going on."
  • Dan: "How are the controls?" Reiner: "Um...atrocious."
  • Reiner: "I think Shaq just killed someone on the other end of the floor."

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