Bubsy 3D is the title game of the one hundred eighth episode of Replay. This episode's second segment is the debut of Reported, in which the editors play the European PlayStation game Hugo.

Andrew Reiner hosts this episode, which also features Ben Reeves, Tim Turi, and Dan Ryckert. Tim plays Bubsy and Ben plays Hugo.

Notes Edit

The whole Replay crew was fed up with Bubsy 3D after about 15 minutes and moved on. A new second segment in which the editors play a game never released in North America, Reported, was introduced in this episode.

Quotes Edit

Bubsy 3D:

  • Dan: "Is that supposed to be a film reel or is that a Communion wafer?"
  • Dan: "Bubsy's quest for the body of Christ!"


  • Reiner: "Europe is so weird."
  • Tim: "No, but seriously, why did they move so close next to the, uh, the skull mountain?"
  • Ben: "Good gravy, that's not good."
  • Tim: "I love sacks! Oh boy!"
  • Tim: "A good burlap sack is completely empty!"

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