Apocalypse is the title game of the sixth episode of Replay. The Replay Roulette is The Simpsons Wrestling.

This episode is hosted by Dan Ryckert and features Nick Ahrens, Andrew Reiner, and Tim Turi. Nick plays the main game while all four play the Roulette.

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Both Nick and Dan owned The Simpson's Wrestling as children, and both hated it considerably.

The Roulette intro has an alternate sound this episode.

Reiner reviewed The Simpsons Wrestling in the June 2001 issue of Game Informer. He gave the game a 2 out of 10.

"The rest of the game is, and forever shall be, a major disappointment and one of the worst PS-X games to date."[1]

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  • Reiner: "Hey, wait. You guys are missing the cockroach drinking the blood, here."
  • Nick: "That's Bruce Willis if you punched him in the mouth repeatedly."
  • Tim: "They just showed you, you gotta shoot that. Or kick it!"
  • Nick: "This must be the beginning of rumble, too, because the controller has not stopped rumbling at all. It's just constantly moving."
  • Reiner: "When they made these bridges, they knew they were going to fall apart. Do you see the warnings they have on them?"
  • Nick: "Nice try, floor!"
  • Nick: "All the buttons seem to do the same thing."
  • Tim: "I can see the marketing campaign, "Did you like Metal Gear Solid? Did you like search lights? Armageddon!"
  • Nick: "If an inmate gets homing missiles it's just over."

The Simpsons Wrestling

  • Tim (before title screen): "I going to have to say that this involves... Arnold Schwarzenegger, and... southern rock."
  • Tim: "Whatever it is, I don't care if it's co-op, I'm going to win."
  • Tim: "Would you be comfortable saying that we're having fun right now?" Reiner: "No."
  • Nick: "That's like the grief move, just jump up and down on their head. Like in real wrestling. I'm not tal...I'm talking about Olympic wrestling."
  • Dan: "Round two of a wrestling match? That's not how that works."
  • Dan: "I had a lot more fun last week playing Mad Max. And I think I gave that a three."
  • Reiner: "It's a [bleep] out of 10."

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