Ape Escape is the title game of the fifty-sixth episode of Replay. It was posted to the Game Informer website on February 12, 2011.

This episode is hosted by Tim Turi (on controls) and features Dan Ryckert and Andrew Reiner. The Replay Roulette is Martian Gothic: Unification, the last of four nominations for a future Super Replay after Countdown Vampires (Replay 53), Dracula: The Resurrection (Replay 54), and Galerians (Replay 55). After the Game Informer community voted, Galerians became Super Replay 7. Martian Gothic received about 20% of the vote.

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Reiner talks about his Star Wars themed wedding, complete with lightsabers and a Death Star cake. His wife (also a Star Wars fan) organized it as a surprise to him.

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Ape Escape:

  • Dan: "Monkey in the Water is my favorite Elton John album... That's an obscure Elton John reference, no one's gonna get that."
  • Tim: "Have you read Monkey Profiles? It's a really... It's a– uh, Chuck Palahniuk book. Really, really, really disturbing. Monkey Profiles."

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Audio clip of Tim's (erotic?) Mario emotes from earlier in the Replay plays over a picture of a frightening, ultra-realistic Mario head.

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