Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle is the 109th episode of Replay. It was posted to the Game Informer website on February 7th, 2012. This episode's second segment is a Replay Roulette of the game Kid Chameleon.

This episode is hosted by Andrew Reiner and features Bryan Vore, Dan Ryckert, and Phil Kollar, with Jason Oestreicher on video and technical duties (with occasional commentary).

Editor AnticsEdit

At first, the staff (especially Dan Ryckert) are doubtful of the game because of the one-hit kills and Janken (rock-paper-scissors) minigame. However, once Bryan takes the controls and buys a motorcycle, Dan declares himself sold and both Reiner and Phil are impressed. However, their attitude once again sours as one-hit kills abound. Then Dan makes a Terminator reference (of course). They discuss the possibility of fans favoring Alex Kidd over Mario, which Dan finds absurd (of course). Reiner complains that Alex is always smiling, and Dan defends him by saying that he "just loves punching animals". Reiner begins to demand that Dan provide a death sound for Alex, which Dan refuses to do. Reiner threatens to fire him (of course).

Alex Kidd's AnticsEdit

Alex explores a town, prairie, underwater level and a desert. Despite amusing animations, a carefree attitude, oddly proportioned fists, and a motorcycle Alex finds progress difficult and eventually succumbs from the combined efforts of a bounce block and a mummy.

Replay RouletteEdit

The Roulette episode is Kid Chameleon, which opens with Reiner apologizing for the absence of Replay 2037 and Dan rejoicing it. They immediately make fun of Kid Chameleon's appearance, and Bryan Vore shares a story of how a kid he went to high school with was the inspiration for Kid Chameleon(the kid's father was the box artist). Bryan murders mecha-gorillas with a samurai sword, and Reiner relates how he beat Chikan, a notoriously bad game. They reach the second level, where Bryan turns into a Rhino and fights Gish. They complete the level and play through a little of the next before ending the Roulette.

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