Phil Kollar was an Associate Editor at Game Informer from 2009 to March 30, 2012.

Known largely for his strong bond with Andrew Reiner, Phil often clashes with Dan Ryckert. He is known to be a RPG player who likes Japanese styled games. Reiner and him have started a second successful series dubbed The Misadventures of Reiner and Phil where the pair plays a brand new game, mostly for the first time.


  • He participated in the second Guinness World Record attempt, and paid a visit to the members participating the first. In the second, he decided to get the record for longest time playing a Japanese RPG, and focused primarily on the Final Fantasy series. His original plan was to beat Final Fantasy XII, which had never done, and play some Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. Tim and Phil both thought that Dan would be the first to quit, after his performance last time, but Dan actually was tied for the longest.
  • Phil is one of the 8 editors that are participating in the Super Replay Showdown. His original choice for his Super Replay was to be Half-Life, but Dan went first and chose the game before he had the chance. Having to think quick, Phil decided to play Half-Life 2 instead. Dramatically, his competitor in the first round is his best friend Reiner. Initially, Reiner was against the idea of facing his best friend, but Phil was quick to threaten to beat Reiner.