"Mister dorito populist here," -Matt Helgeson to Dan Ryckert in the Super Mario Bros. 2 Replay

Matt Helgeson is the former Senior Editor at Game Informer. He's best known in Replay for his role in the original OverBlood Replay Roulette. Matt often rapped along to some songs, or occasionally free styles. Despite his fairly frequent appearances on Replay, he never actually played a game, not including either Mario Party 3 or Mario Party.

Matt left Game Informer in April 2015, but still lives in the Twin Cities area, where he co-hosts the talk radio show "Video Games Weekly" on KFAN AM in Minneapolis. He also returned to the Game Informer studio during Extra Life 2015, where he played Rock Band and sang "Bust a Move" by Run DMC.

Replay AppearancesEdit

Super Replay AppearancesEdit


  • Has sung along to "Bust a Move", "I'll Do It My Way", and "One" by Metallica to name a few.
  • Has only played Mario Party 3, Army Men 3D, and Mario Party during a Replay.
  • He developed a catchphrase in the first episode of OverBlood 2's Super Replay which is "Heat it up".