"I need a catchphrase!" -Kyle Hilliard, whenever he is introduced

"***" -Kyle's first line on Replay

Kyle Hilliard is a Senior Associate Editor at Game Informer. He often makes spelling errors in his articles. Kyle is a relatively new member of the Replay crew, and therefore is often mocked by veterans like Andrew Reiner, most notably during the Halo: Combat Evolved Replay, where Andrew Reiner flat out called him a "dumb***".

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  • On several episodes, Kyle begins by stating he needs a catchphrase, much to Reiner's anger. Soon after, he remembers the joke. Kyle has also done this on a few GameInformer Show podcasts.
  • Ben Hanson has stated on episode 4 of Yoshi's Island Super Replay that he and Kyle have the exact same taste in video games.

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