Kimberley "Kstar" Wallace is the Features Editor for GameInformer magazine.

Kim can thank her gaming addiction to her two older brothers. When they'd go to school, she'd sneak in their room and set up the NES. An unfortunate side effect to her sneaky antics was that she learned to play holding the controller upside down. The impact was so great that she wasn't able to rectify her mistake until the PlayStation era. Since then, Kimberley's discovered a special passion for RPGs, especially through playing them with her late grandfather; some of her fondest memories are from playing Secret of Mana with him. A University of Iowa graduate with degrees in Journalism and English, Kimberley knew that combining games and writing was the only way to go in her career.

Kimberley was previously a freelance writer and her work has been featured in Official Xbox Magazine, GamesRadar, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and Joystiq. She revels in finding unique stories that deserve focus. She also strives to showcase the positive influence of games in lives, as she knows their power well, having helped in her pain management for a chronic illness.

Besides her life revolving around cutscenes, she's also an avid hockey fan. Sorry, Minnesota - the Blackhawks will forever own her heart.

Kim's first Replay apperance was as a guest on the Double Dragon II Replay. She co-hosted the Trapt Super Replay with Andrew Reiner, Dan Ryckert, and Jeff Cork.

Quotes Edit

"I don't wanna be pooped in." - Replay: Banjo-Tooie

"They didn't like poop on the floor." - Extra Life 2015

"That's not a butthole." - GI Show: Best/Worst New IP

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