Jim Reilly is the former News Editor at Game Informer. Jim showed how much he paid attention to games in the Super Replay of OverBlood 2. Whereas Andrew Reiner, Dan Ryckert, and even Tim Turi were not focusing, Jim was able to see the inventory and when Ararno was on fire and died. During Overblood 2, he was outed as an alien when he showed no prior knowledge of the classic Earth game Tic Tac Toe or Merry-go-rounds. He also had difficulty getting Tim Turi to reveal his full name.

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  • Jim's first name is actually James, but he shortens it to Jim.
  • Jim's nickname as a kid was "Crazy Legs" because of the way he ran.
  • Jim is a huge fan of the "Souls" series, believing that Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are two of the best games of this console generation.
  • Jim is a fan of hamburgers (hamburgars) as both episodes of OverBlood 2 he mentions both McDonald's and Wendy's.
  • In Replay: Darkwatch, Kyle Hilliard mentions that Marchiafava is completely silent during online games.
  • He claims that Uncharted 3 is 'one of the worst games of this generation.'
  • Calls Resident Evil 5 the worst game of the generation
  • Played the English, Japanese, and European versions of Dark Souls on three different PS3s, and 100%-ed them, meaning he got the platinum trophy three times