Jeff "Hangtime/Italian Stallion" Marchiafava is a Senior Associate Editor at Game Informer. Jeff has appeared in Replay, where he was notorious for rarely speaking. Recently, he has appeared in Super Replay as well, and talks with the other members frequently, perhaps no longer being shy. His nicknames were developed by Dan Ryckert as a joke, but it has stuck in the following episodes.

Super Replay AppearancesEdit


  • Other members of the staff joked that they could simply turn off Jeff Marchiafava's mic, and no one would know. This joke ended, as Jeff now talks more often.
  • He has never played The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • He dislikes anyone who spells his name "Geoff", instead pronouncing it as "Gee-off". This was revealed during the "Jeff conversation" in the The Legend of Zelda Super Replay where he and Jeff Cork talked about their names to fill time.