"It just comes in spitz and bertz" -Ben Reeves.

Ben Reeves is a Senior Editor at Game Informer. He is best known for his unusual style of comedy, dubbed "Street Comedy." This comedy was used in several Replays, until he created a character based upon stereotypical 1940s detectives: Ben Reeves, Bizzare Detective. Often changing the subject out of nowhere, and making everyone laugh with his jokes, Ben Reeves is a fan favorite. When not cracking jokes or solving mysteries, he is an avid Benventor and pick-up line enthusiast.

Super Replay AppearancesEdit


  • Creator of Sea Bass The Lobster
  • Does a decent impression of Gilbert Gottfried.
  • Participated in both of the Guinness World Record attempts, the Super Smash Brothers Brawl "Smash-a-Thon" and the 6-way attempt where he received the record for longest Stealth game marathon by playing the Metal Gear Solid Series. Ben was, described by the other participants, becoming delirious after several hours of playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl. While not lasting the longest in the second attempt, he made it a solid 48 hours.
  • Hosted one episode of Replay, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.
  • Calls his fans, "My Little Monsters".
  • In an episode of The Game Informer Show, in an attempt to look more street, Ben opened with "What's good, son?" much to Matt Helgeson's bewilderment.
  • Creator of Street Comedy.
  • Ben lost in the final round of the first Super Replay Showdown to Dan Ryckert. Ben's Super Replay pick was Conker's Bad Fur Day.
  • In the 2013 Super Replay Showdown, Ben lost in the final round for the second straight year, this time to Jeff Marchiafava. Ben's pick was Grim Fandango.
  • Recently starred in a special episode called Reevesplay wher he was the only person in the room while playing the game.


  • Why do they call them waterfalls?