"This is what I always see when I'm walking through the office, people not working, talking about the stupid stuff they dared each other to do!" -Andy McNamara, Super Replay OverBlood 2, Episode10

Andy McNamara is the Editor-in-Chief at Game Informer. His first appearance was during the Overblood 2 Super Replay, Episode 10. During most of that episode, he hated every second of the game. He thought OverBlood 2 was boring, confusing, and stupid. Depsite his previous thoughts, he reappeared on epsiode 13 where he showed some interest in the game. By the end, he was fed up with OverBlood 2, but did want to see the end of something that puzzled Tim. They arrived at a pool, but ended the episode before seeing what's inside.

Andy was highly requested to appear in an episode, as after over 100 episodes he had never starred. He has yet to appear on a normal episode of Replay though.

He later was a guest on the first episode of the Super Metriod Super Replay where he critisized Dan over his comment that he enjoyed Metriod Prime as much as Super Metriod.

Super Replay AppearancesEdit