Andrew Reiner is the Executive Editor at Game Informer. Reiner, along with Dan Ryckert and Tim Turi, is one of the founders of Replay. Reiner always wears a hat to cover a portal to the Vortex Queen's dimension. He also has a not-iPhone that he uses to surf not-YouTube.

Reiner rarely plays the game featured on Replay, often using the excuse that he is at an angle on the TV. Reiner has been involved in just about every episode of Replay and Super Replay. Reiner and his best buddy Phil are known for their legendary bromance.

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  • 35479614-IMG 8837

    Reiner onstage with Tripping Icarus.

    Did not participate in either of the Guinness World Record attempts.
  • Usually takes Joe Juba's side of the Joe vs. Dan feud.
  • Has yet to actually play a game for a full Super Replay. In the Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Replay, he traded off with Dan in episode 1, and in an episode of Tail of the Sun, he controlled the character for a short time.
  • Started the joke of Dan living in the swamps.
  • Has guested on every Super Replay for at least an episode.
  • Plays guitar in the rock band Tripping Icarus in which former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe plays bass.

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